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Custom aligners, crafted for beautiful smiles and profile.

Beyond straight teeth, our custom clear aligners subtly sculpt jawline and enhance your natural beauty.

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Science-backed research on jaw expansion via constant, mild force.¹

Stain-proof and invisible, wear with confidence.

Wear for comfort, live without limits

The SymTray

Focusing on your health, elevating your beauty – All in one go

Your breathing

We take your airway into consideration, aiming to support better sleep and potentially reduced snoring based on our design features. Individual results may vary.

Flexible Adjustments

If your teeth aren't lining up right, just let us know and we'll whip up a new aligner to get things moving faster.

Confident Profile

We value your unique look. By subtly enhancing your jawline, we create a more appealing profile, boosting your confidence and camera-readiness!

Jaw Joint Health

Our approach aims to reduce TMJ disorder risk, which is often the consequences of current clear aligner treatment. Individual results may vary.

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We make your custom trays and have it delivered to you
Watch your transformation unfold, revealing your unique smile and profile
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